About Us


Since 1992

Established in 1996, based in Kavaja, we aim at producing raw materials for mattresses, beds and joinery. At different times we expend into 2 new directions:


which form the pillars of our activity. Our main goal is to unify the product and supply it to customers from different countries such as Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia etc.
Our correctness and desire for innovation has made us a leader in the local market and beyond.

Quality Products

Our component materials such as Feltra, Ovata, Thermo Ovata, Polyester and Wool, respectively marketed at different times, are the hightest quality available on the market.

Valuable price

We guarantee a valuable price for the products we produce.

Creative Design

Our engineers and designers are working every day to make the beds very comfortable and beautiful at same time.

Our Partners


What can we help you with ?

We produce any type of mattress, depending on your requirement.

Yes, any type of springs, from bonel to pocket spring with 1, 3 and 7 item, heights on request.

Yes, we export to some countries like Greece, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and in large quantities to any other country, by land or sea.

Our clients thoughts !